The Widow's Mite

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A Photoshop Composite

Recently, I was assigned to the First Baptist Church stewardship committee.  When we were planning ideas on bringing "obedience through stewardship" to the forefront for church members, I volunteered to lead and effort to create a 36" canvas print depiction of the Widow's Mite scripture.  

With the help of Janis Reeder,  we selected 3 members to represent  Biblical pharisees as well as members to play the part of the widow and her child.  I begin by capturing a "temple" background at DunveganKeep in South Austin. Thanks Craig for the use of your creative landscaping "art."   Then, as shown below we captured the character images in front of a gray paper backdrop in the church sanctuary.   

Because we were visiting DunveganKeep before the spring foliage arrived, I decided to replace the sky with my own captures.    I happened to be scheduled for a trip to Orange  County in California where I brought back cloud and tree images.  I made the creative decision to make this a sunset photo so that I could make the lighting more dramatic in the compositing process.

Within Adobe Photoshop, I used more than 25 layers to "build" up the composite.  Many of these layers were adjustment  layers. I used skills recently learned from Photoshop workshops by  Mark Heaps and Glyn Dewis. 

Following are some of the images used in building the composite and a setup image showing the lighting.  I used a "beauty dish" to provide harsh lighting as the sun might give from the back of the characters and a 72" Wescott umbrella to add fill light from the front.  

Special thanks Janis Reeder and Charlotte Brinkley for assisting with costumes and make up as well as recruitment of my Biblical Characters who were  Glen and Jeff Vanlandingham, Terry Vander-Molen, Luke Janis, and Aisha Brown.  

Component Photos

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