The following  photoshop composite resulted from a photo I captured at the annual Texas School of Professional Photographers conference in Dallas.   The BWC  "Shootout"  is a fun event where many subjects in topic specific outfits are made available to practice lighting and posing.   I captured this "army" guy with an interesting pose using my Panasonic GH4 camera. While I liked the pose the background as shown below was certainly not interesting.  Using Photoshop, I added my subject to a background photo I captured at the Mission San Juan Capistrano in California.  The helicopter image is a  public domain photo. I created the dramatic lighting for a portrait I call "Hard Day's Work."  See below for component photos.

Hard Day's Work

Component Photos

This is one of the first portrays I captured using the Panasonic GH4.  As shown below in a 100 percent crop, I was very pleased with the detail captured by the camera.

100 crop

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