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I maintain a home studio for the portraiture work that I do.  I managed to talk my wife into a room just in side the front door as long as it did not look like a studio when a photo session was not taking place.  As you can see the room serves as a gallery of my photography and doubles as my "man cave" when I don't have it set up for a portrait session.  The backdrops roll down from the two foot cornice at the back of the room.   Professional studio strobes are brought out from the closet.  

I use a professional level Nikon DSLR (D800) for my portrait work along with pro level Nikon lenses.   I have a pro quality Epson printer which can print portraits up to 25" in length and a 27" Apple iMac for post process work on photos.  

In the backyard I have been  constructing photo "areas" beginning with a 30 foot long three level pergola which I use as a backdrop.  

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