June 4th, 2016 DigitalAspiraitons Fund Raiser

On June 4, DigitalAspirations custom canine portrait studio is announcing a fund raiser portrait day.   Schedule 30 minutes for your "Best Friend," and received a 16"x20" professional quality canvas print for your home.   When you arrive for your appointment, select from several studio setups for your portrait session. We will capture enough photos to ensure you get a professionally lighted portrait that captures your dog's personality. 

The fee for your 16"x20" professional quality canvas print will be $100.  Profits from the entire day will go to a scholarship to fund youth attending First Baptist Church summer camp events. To schedule your session on June 4th, fill out the Request to Schedule Your Session. We will call and schedule you into a June 4 thirty minute time block.  The photo sessions will take place at the DigitalAspirations home studio in East Round Rock. 

Schedule Your Dog's Portrait Session

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Celebrate Your Dog With a Professional Portrait

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